Just wanted to tell you about our new addition! HJS arrived on 27.04.2013. My waters broke at 6am and I contracted heavily pretty quickly. I made it to the hospital at about 7:30 and was 3 cm dilated on arrival using the breathing technique.(which really helped). By 8:30 I was 7cm and (without panicking!) got an epidural. It took about an hour or so to sort that out and when they checked again at 10:30 I was 10cm but not ready to push. We waited until 11:15 and started pushing but every time I pushed bubs heartbeat dropped and there wasn’t enough time between contractions for him to recover and I kept on gushing blood so we headed down to the theatre. Our little boy was born at 12:20 with a quick push and a little help from forceps. He was 3.6kg’s, 54cm long and 1 week early.

Thanks again for doing the course with us, it really helped me not to panic and got me through to the epidural, I think I would have had a repeat caesarean otherwise!