Counselling is a therapeutic relationship developed between a qualified counsellor and a client to help overcome issues causing emotional pain or discomfort. It can be a regular and safe space to talk and explore feelings in order to develop insights and solve problems.

Lisa provides counselling services for grief and loss, trauma, perinatal mental health and particularly specialises in helping women, families and health professionals process birth trauma.

Birth trauma is a reaction in response to a real, or perceived, traumatic event during child birth. It can be experienced by both women and men, and is about an individual’s experience, rather than a specific event.

For most women, giving birth is a wonderful, empowering and joyous event, but research suggests that for around one third of all women, giving birth can be a frightening experience, which they would describe as traumatic.

A history of trauma or mental ill-health can also be increased risk factors.
Fortunately, most women are able to overcome their traumatic experience with good social support within a short time-frame, however, for some women it can be more difficult to recover and if not helped, may lead to compromised parenting experiences.

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All women are different, however some common feelings experienced during birth include:

  • A loss of a sense of control;
  • Not feeling heard by health professionals or support people;
  • Feeling isolated and alone;
  • Feeling anxious and afraid; and,
  • Fearing for their life or that of their baby.

Approximately 9 percent of women go on develop acute stress disorder, or postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder (PPTSD) after child birth, and these women may benefit from professional mental health support, and this is where Lisa can greatly help.