One of the great things about the Calmbirth® organization is their commitment to research.

Calmbirth® is always constantly evaluating the effects of their program and they do this with the support of the participants completing their surveys which are email out to them once they have delivered. This provides feedback on how effective the course is and is there room for improvement and importantly how the couples found the course. Its all about delivering a quality program.

Below you will find results of 3800 On Line Surveys sent in by Calmbirth® couples after the birth of their baby between January 2008 and June 2013. Some results show a comparison of Calmbirth® couples with the NSW Mothers & Babies 2010 report which are statistics of the general birthing population supplied by both public and private hospitals in NSW.

Respondents feelings before and after attending the Calmbirth® course:

Before the Course After the course
Very Frightened 8.1% 0.0%
Frightened 8.3% 0.3%
Anxious 39.8% 2.3%
Neutral 9.6% 1.8%
OK 20.4% 11.9%
Confident 13.2% 51.9%
V. Confident 1.5% 30.4%

 Use of Pain relieving medication during Labour:

Attendee of Calmbirth NSW 2010 State Average.
No pain relief 45.4% 10.6%
Gas 29.4% 43.2%
Pethadine/Morphine 8.3% 16.1%
Epidural 24.2% 45.9%

The Royal Hospital for Women at Randwick in Sydney were so impressed with how these couples were birthing that they approached Calmbirth® to see if they would be interested in the doing a co-hort study on the effectiveness of this course. Dr Jane Svensson CMC Health Education provided us with the first 100 respondents data from a total of 200 participants…….here is how we are doing.


 Emotional State After Birth:

Calm 62%
Excited 59%
In control 59%
Confident 51%
Involved 50%
Alert 44%
Challenged 32%
Powerful 30%
Surrendered 23%
Overwhelmed 20%
Frightened 17%
Helpless 12%

Physical Sensations of Labour and/or Caeserean Section

Intense 90%
Powerful 63%
Challenging 57%
Painful 48%
Manageable 47%
Exhausting 43%
Rewarding 41%
Amazing 34%
Overwhelming 27%
Rhythmic 17%
Frightening 12%
Awful 10%
Painless 6%

Pharmacological use of Pain Relief

Nothing 40%
Nitrous Gas 35%
Morphine 17%
Epidural 37%
GA 1%

Thoughts about birth before and after attending Calmbirth

Before After
V frightened: 4% 0%
Frightened 9% 1%
Anxious 37% 1%
Neutral 17% 2%
OK 21% 8%
Confident 10% 54%
V Confident 2% 34%