I heard about Calmbirth from a friend who had had a positive birth experience. So when I found out I was pregnant, I signed up for a Calmbirth class right away. As someone who is rather anxious in general, I was worried how I would handle birth. I had always wanted to have a natural drug-free birth, but was concerned about the horror stories and worried about my ability to achieve it. The Calmbirth course itself was fabulous. My husband and I took a weekend and spent it focusing on our impending new addition, and us as an (almost) new family. I came away from the course with a renewed sense of excitement about meeting our baby. And my husband felt like he knew exactly how to support me throughout labour. I continued to practise the relaxation techniques by listening to the Calmbirth CD most nights. I felt a fantastic sense of calm about my pregnancy and that continued right through labour. I went in to labour naturally. I was about a week overdue and suddenly noticed the “tightenings” that I knew to expect. I always thought I would feel scared, but that amazing sense of calmness continued. I stayed at home all day with my husband. I used the relaxation techniques, listened to music that I had picked out previously, walked up and down my hallway, and kept moving. Things got a little more intense at around 6pm (I later realised this was transition!) but I never felt out of control, or like I needed any more assistance other than just allowing my body to keep doing what it was doing. At around 11pm, my contractions were pretty close together so we made our way in to the hospital. I was really happy to discover that I had made it to 9cm and only had the last bit to go. Our little girl came into the world just as I had visualised. With my husband, my parents and sister there to support me and share in the moment, in a darkened quiet room. It was a beautiful experience and I really believe that this was made possible by everything that we learned through the Calmbirth course. I still can’t quite believe that I managed to birth my little girl with no drugs, no gas, just her and I working together. I’m not a brave person by any means. If I can do it – anyone can! To anyone expecting a baby – try Calmbirth. It truly is fantastic. Thank you for the opportunity to have an empowering labour experience and one that I will always treasure.

Amy – Balmain, NSW.

Amy and her daughter Chiara.