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Delayed Cord Clamping

I was watching a very interesting video by Penny Simkin this week on delayed cord clamping.  For those of you who don’t know what cord clamping is – once a baby is born in most hospitals in Australia, the umbilical cord is clamped and cut almost immediately after delivery.  There is a large amount of […]

“Thank you again for everything you taught us… is invaluable knowledge”

On May 6th at 10:50pm we had a beautiful baby boy (you were right). He was 4.2kg and 55cm long. My water broke at 7pm and I started contractions at 7:30pm. When my waters broke they were a funny green colour, I called the hospital and they asked me to come in as soon as […]

Unforseen and unexpected…….they do happen!!!

Just wanted to tell you about our new addition! HJS arrived on 27.04.2013. My waters broke at 6am and I contracted heavily pretty quickly. I made it to the hospital at about 7:30 and was 3 cm dilated on arrival using the breathing technique.(which really helped). By 8:30 I was 7cm and (without panicking!) got […]

“I’m feeling so much more calm and confident…”

Thank you Lisa for such a wonderful course.  I am feeling so much more calm and confident about the approaching birth.  What I loved most was it really connected my husband with the baby.  I could see as the course progressed his excitement and engagement increased so much.  You have also given us life skills […]

Thanks to Calmbirth, my birth was amazing

I heard about Calmbirth from a friend who had had a positive birth experience. So when I found out I was pregnant, I signed up for a Calmbirth class right away. As someone who is rather anxious in general, I was worried how I would handle birth. I had always wanted to have a natural […]