NOTE: this couple had 2 previous traumatic deliveries resulting in Caesarean sections. When they attended the class, the most important thing for them was to finally experience a positive birth experience…..after attending the class, the mother had emailed me several times because the baby couldn’t sit still in one position and went from head down to breech a few times, so I just encouraged her practice of relaxation and to just go with whatever this baby wanted for a delivery…….here is her story.

Received 27th Dec 2015.

Hi Lisa,

 We welcomed a healthy baby boy on Christmas Day 12.25am.

I want to thank you so much as we had the best birth experience we could of ever wished for and it was because of everything you taught us in your class.

My water broke on Xmas eve at 6.15pm and he was born 12.25am Xmas morning so it was a very quick labour.

It was fantastic, I had no drugs at all and just breathed through every contraction calmly and focused. Towards the end I did go off track but my husband and the midwife refocused me and then I was all good again. I was able to achieve a vaginal birth after having a caesarean which was fantastic. I even got to put my hand down below & feel his head while he was trying to come out, that was a funny feeling. Once I pushed him out it was amazing and I got that skin on skin straight away. He did have the cord wrapped around his neck twice but they still left him on me while they removed the cord and got him breathing as he wasn’t breathing due to the cord but then all was good. My husband got to tell me if it was a boy or girl which was very nice & he also got to cut the cord. I had 3 hours of skin on skin it was perfect.

Your class helped us so much and we wouldn’t of been able to achieve what we wanted to achieve in our third birth if it hadn’t of been for you. Thank you again.