On May 6th at 10:50pm we had a beautiful baby boy (you were right). He was 4.2kg and 55cm long.

My water broke at 7pm and I started contractions at 7:30pm. When my waters broke they were a funny green colour, I called the hospital and they asked me to come in as soon as I could. I went in and practised my calm breathing which was fantastic and helped me through the contractions. My husband was amazing, he knew exactly what to do thanks to all that you taught us. He made me feel really calm and safe. I had a feeling that the funny colour waters meant that there was meconium and potentially the baby was in distress but I didn’t worry I just used all the visualisations and breathing that you taught me to keep calm and not stress.

By the time I got to the hospital my contractions were 3 mins apart and I was 2cm dilated. Every time a contraction came on we just breathed through them. I was never scared and the pain was manageable with the techniques you taught us, I kept thinking my body knows what its doing and it’s a means to meet our baby soon.

Unfortunately after 2 hours of labouring the doctor and midwifes came in and told me that the baby was very distressed and it’s heart rate was dropping every time I contracted. I had to have an emergency Cesarean as the baby was in danger. The medical staff didn’t have time to give me a spinal block so I had to have a general anaesthetic. Although disappointed I just remembered what we learnt with you about embracing the unexpected and I did.

Although not at all the birth I planned I was just so happy the baby was OK and after a short stint in ICU he was doing really well.

My son is amazing, he is putting on weight, he feeds really well, he is a beautiful calm baby and sleeps good long stints. I really think because I remained calm due to what I learnt with you this has rubbed off on the baby. In fact I play him our calm birthing CD at night for him to go to sleep, he is so used to it since I listened to it so many times when I was pregnant.

Thank you again for everything you taught us, although I didn’t get to utilise it all through the birth it was and is invaluable knowledge that took away all the fear I had of labour and even through an emergency situation I remained calm and embraced the whole experience.