Hi Lisa,

 I just wanted to say thanks & give some feedback now that we’ve had our baby & were able to put the teachings to use ????

I think the coarse was very worth while & would recommend it to anyone I know in the future having a baby.

 I read the booklet and then re-read sections to further prepare myself. I was listening to the cd’s nearly every night before bed on my I-pod. Sometimes I would share an ear phone with my husband however this didn’t always work as he would be so relaxed he’d be asleep in the first few minutes & start to snore (very funny). Anyway toward the end of my pregnancy I was ordered to spend as much time resting & lying down as possible so that bub would not come early (my cervix was shortening around 35 weeks). I would listen to a calm birth track every afternoon.

When the time came and my waters broke I found myself very calm.

 When contractions started I breathed through them, although they became intense.

 Looking back at no stage did I feel I needed pain relief. My intention was to remain open about the whole experience and be guided by what I was feeling & the professionals around me and this is what I did.

 I remember the midwife commenting distinctly that I seemed very calm & I said we’ll we’re made to do this right!

 The first stage of labour was quite quick, about 4 or 4.5hrs and I have no doubt that this was due to my calm birth preparation. I did come unstuck in the 2nd stage & ended up pushing for 3hrs before the Dr said we really needed to use the vacuum to get bub out( I’d originally said I didn’t want it). Bub was not stressed & the midwife joked that maybe it was just too calm & didn’t want to come out. Unfortunately I did tear when bubs shoulders came out and then I haemorrhaged loosing a lot of blood due to all the pushing. I then spent the day & following night in the delivery suite & had to have a blood transfusion.

 After the birth of our baby girl, in those hours & for a few days that followed I did dwell on the fact that maybe I started pushing to soon, or shouldn’t have pushed and “let the river flow” or maybe I should have done more prep for 2nd stage as I did do a lot for the first stage re the contractions. But quickly I accepted the fact that what had happened was just my journey…and ultimately I was ok with it.

 What a beautiful outcome anyway…

 Thanks again, I would definitely look a doing a refresher coarse should we find ourselves having baby number 2! ( I can actually bring myself to say that now ????)