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Amazing…….no other words for this story.

It was Monday 16th May 2016 (my EDD was Saturday 21st May) I was getting ready to go to the gym and went to the bathroom before I left. Something was different, I went to the toilet but I felt as though pee still needed to come out. I waited a couple of minutes with “pee” still […]

A great experience………..

NOTE: this couple had 2 previous traumatic deliveries resulting in Caesarean sections. When they attended the class, the most important thing for them was to finally experience a positive birth experience…..after attending the class, the mother had emailed me several times because the baby couldn’t sit still in one position and went from head down […]

“A quick delivery”

Hi Lisa, Just wanted to follow up on my birth experience after doing the calm birth course now my little baby boy Arlo is here 🙂 I am not sure if you remember me from the classes but one of my main concerns was the fast labour I had with my first born (3 & […]

Birth Stories

Hi Everyone, The following are birth stories shared by couples who have attended my course. These couples have very graciously allowed me to share their stories with you. I hope you enjoy them. Lisa Paul.

It was just Wonderful……..

Hi Lisa, We are doing GREAT! we brought our little boy into the world on November 16th and had a wonderful experience with the Calmbirth techniques you taught us. We had such an amazing day and I felt like my own personal hero to have achieved what I did, really proud of myself and my […]

What was the best thing about your birth experience??????

From one of the Calmbirth Surveys that was submitted in by one of our clients, here is her response to the question. What was the best thing about your birthing experience? Knowing I could do it. I felt like Id run a marathon and come first place and the prize was this amazing baby and […]

“let the river flow”

Hi Lisa,  I just wanted to say thanks & give some feedback now that we’ve had our baby & were able to put the teachings to use ???? I think the coarse was very worth while & would recommend it to anyone I know in the future having a baby.  I read the booklet and […]

We did it

Hi Lisa, Just a quick message to let you know how our birth went! My husband and I attended your weekend course I believe in July and we just welcomed a healthy baby girl Nov 11. I was 38+3 and my waters broke and 13hrs later delivered at Mona Vale. Without knowing how far along […]

A drug free birth which is totally what I wanted.

We are proud to announce the arrival of our little man Zachary arriving 16th Sept at 1:34am, weighing 3.2kg, 49cm long. Wanted to thank you for all the techniques you gave us as I was able to have a completely natural drug free birth which is totally what I wanted!! My husband was an amazing […]

“Thank you again for everything you taught us… is invaluable knowledge”

On May 6th at 10:50pm we had a beautiful baby boy (you were right). He was 4.2kg and 55cm long. My water broke at 7pm and I started contractions at 7:30pm. When my waters broke they were a funny green colour, I called the hospital and they asked me to come in as soon as […]