About Calmbirth

Why Calmbirth®?

No other prenatal program will prepare you better than Calmbirth®. Childbirth is not just a physical function, it involves alot of “mental” work as well. Completing a Calmbirth® program gives you the best of both worlds. Not only are you physically prepared but you are also mentally prepared. Labour is really a state of mind. If you can get your head in the right space you are far more likely to achieve the kind of birth that you want to achieve and which you all will benefit from and most importantly, you will feel good about your experience.

What is Calmbirth®?

Calmbirth® is a childbirth preparation programme developed by Australian midwife Peter Jackson and based on the very latest in scientific research.  It was developed to help educate and empower pregnant women and couples so that they can experience the most positive pregnancy, labour and childbirth experience.

In a Calmbirth® class, pregnant couples learn:

  • how to use their own inner resources to reduce fear, anxiety and tension experienced throughout pregnancy, labour and birth
  • practical skills of relaxation, breathing, and visualization which are powerful tools useful during pregnancy, birth (and life in general)
  • about how a woman’s body is designed to birth her baby naturally and calmly, and how to work with the natural birth process for the best possible birth experience
  • how beliefs and preconceived attitudes towards birth can be a powerful determinator of a positive or negative birth experience
  • the importance of bonding with their baby both throughout pregnancy, and after birth, and how this effects their baby’s future
  • how partners are best able to assist the birthing mother in a calm and helpful way
  • how to feel in control of their birth experience.

Calmbirth® classes can be started from 22 weeks onwards. Ideally we like you to have completed the course and have a few weeks to practice what you have learned before the birth of your baby as it is one of the key elements to help you achieve the birth you desire but for some, just the fact that they have attended and learned the skills from the weekend, has been enough for them to go on and still have the birth they desire. This is where it comes back to individuality and how open you are to learning and integrating the material.

Classes run in the Hawkesbury area and enrolments are now available.

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